A good therapist should be like a midwife,
standing by while you give birth to the best in you.
— Christiane Northrup

We are pleased to feature several therapists who lease office space within the Gateway Professional Building at 412 North Lake Street, Aurora, IL.  We affectionately call this group "The Gateway Community."  All of these clinicians are seasoned therapists, who work from a variety of modalities.  We hope their brief description and contact information will be helpful in choosing the best relationship for your therapy needs. 

Please note that Gateway Psychological Services, Ltd. is an S Corporation and functions as a separate service entity from the clinicians listed below.  Likewise, each clinician mentioned below operates a psychotherapy practice legally set apart from one another.  As such, no therapist listed below is party to any internal information relative to the practice of Gateway Psychological Services, Ltd.  Likewise, Gateway Psychological Services, Ltd. is not responsible or liable for any activity relative to the sole practitioners which are part of our Gateway Building’s community of practitioners.

Tom Barkauskas, LCSW, ACSW

1 Tom+cropped.jpg

My goal is to provide a comfortable experience in which we work together in order to support your journey towards solutions, healing, and life enhancement.  

My desire is to help you identify and build on the strengths you already possess and develop new positive tools.  My style is holistic, problem-solving, client focused, conciliatory, and empowering.  I have 28 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families.

My specialties are helping individuals facing serious or life-threatening illness, grief and loss, and life transitions and adjustments.  Whatever your challenges, you deserve the support that can make a difference in your life.



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Barb Buzzard, LCSW

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"I work with clients of all ages providing individual, family, and couples psychotherapy.  I accept most major insurance plans and would be glad to check your insurance benefits to ensure coverage prior to your scheduling an appointment.   I am available for evening and weekend appointments."




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Lou Hutches, LCPC

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"I enjoy helping clients conquer problems with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  It is extremely satisfying to assist people in digging out of situations they may have been previously viewed as hopeless.  It is my practice to understand the client's life situation, develop an in-depth understanding of their thoughts and feelings about the challenges that they face, and to assist them in developing and implementing a strategy for creating a better future.  I primarily use cognitive behavioral strategies, which have proven extremely effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety."



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Bob Ingram, Psy.D, NCSP

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"I work primarily with adults and adolescents on an individual basis.  My orientation is problem-centered and solution-focused but seeks to enhance the client’s overall psychological and interpersonal functioning.  I also work with couples and families, primarily the parents of the teenagers with whom I am working.  In addition to providing services to clients struggling with depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, underachievement, etc., I have also served those struggling with issues related to gender orientation, sexual abuse, domestic violence, trauma, etc.  My practice is limited to Tuesday and Wednesday (day and evening) appointments."


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Tracy Leung, Psy.D.

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"As a clinical psychologist, I have over 18 years of helping people better manage their anxious and depressive thoughts and feelings. Being a person with a bi-cultural and bilingual background provides me with a unique perspective to understanding people who feel misunderstood, different, disconnected, or lonely because of their background or life circumstances. I work particularly well with foreign-born Americans and Americans whose parents or partners are immigrants. My other concentration includes helping interracial couples achieve better communication and understanding of their differences.  I encourage those who were reluctant to see a therapist in the past due to the concern of a cultural barrier to contact me and give psychotherapy a try."


Contact Information: 

630 640-6501


Mary Pat Nagel, LCSW

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In my 25+ years of experience, I have helped people of all ages deal with a variety of issues.  I work with individuals to help them overcome issues like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, grief and loss.  I also work with couples and families.  I use Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-focused Therapy, and Relational Therapy, and I strive for a collaborative therapy experience – one where we work together to define and set goals that suit you and your individual needs.  I am available for daytime and evening appointments.


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Monica Sisco, LCSW

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"I have been in private practice approximately 25 years and I continue to love working in the mental health profession.  I have been fortunate to work collaboratively with a variety of clients on heart-felt problems and issues.  I am honored and privileged to be part of their wellness journey.  I enjoy working with young adults who may experience anxiety and depression because of a felt need for clarity and direction as they move toward launching their lives as well as adults in other developmental phases of their life.  I also work with couples.   Many couples may experience the dilemma of how to improve their relationship as they move through different ages, stages and changes of life, both expected and unexpected."  

Certification in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy



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