Your therapist will normally conduct an initial evaluation that will last from 2-4 sessions.  During this initial phase, you and your therapist will work to understand and assess your specific needs and goals for therapy.   Your therapist will usually schedule one 60 minute session per week at a mutually convenient time, although some sessions may be longer or more or less frequent.  At the end of the assessment phase, you and your therapist will discuss impressions, plan of intervention, next steps and decide together if you would like to continue therapy. 

To aid in this process, please read the Notice of Privacy Practices and the Therapist/Client Agreement forms, located on the "FORMS" page.  You will be given a code to access this page when you make your first appointment.  Your therapist will have a hard copy of the consent page for you to sign at the first or second session.

Also included on the "FORMS" page is the Initial Clinical Intake (ICI) form.  Please download, print the ICI, complete it in block print rather than long-hand, and bring the completed ICI to your first session.  If you have trouble with any portion of the form, bring it to the first session and your therapist will work with you to complete the details. This information helps provide a framework for your background and will assist your therapist in understanding what brings you to therapy at this time.  

We look forward to working with you.













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